about usMegamer Natural Stone

Located on Iscehisar district of Afyon city in Turkey, Megamer Natural Stones is one of the leading producers and exporters of marble and travertine products such as column, balustrade, sink, shower tray, bathtub, countertop, vase, fireplace and other decorative products. We have been engaged in natural stone business since 1993.

Our factory has an outdoor area of 9000 square meters and indoor area of 1500 square meters. Due to our wide range of products, realistic prices and wide customer portfolio, we manage to supply 20% of the all international demands within Afyon region. Moreover, our company tries to continue its existence in the market day by day. As a result of latest advancement and investments, Megamer has achieved success in increased shipping capacity of products to its worldwide customers with superior quality our exportation rate up to 90%. We are highly proud of providing the best quality to customers with our talented employees.

Appreciated by all over the World, our products are presented to both domestic and foreign customers for years with highest quality and increasingly gained popularity with their aesthetical and decorative appearance. Our determination to reach the predefined goals and evergreen excitement from the earlier days has contributed to our stability in the market. We are aware of our responsibilities in the advancement of natural stone industry and it is our duty always to act as a Professional.